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Optimising the design of large-scale acoustic telemetry curtains

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dc.contributor Australian Institute Of Marine Science
dc.contributor James Cook Univ
dc.contributor Marine & Atmospher Res
dc.contributor Queensland University Of Technology (qut)
dc.contributor Nsw Department Of Primary Industries
dc.contributor Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (csiro)
dc.contributor Emarine Informat Infrastruct
dc.contributor Dept Biol Sci
dc.contributor Anim Tracking Facil
dc.contributor Nsw Trade & Investment
dc.contributor James Cook University
dc.contributor Univ Tasmania
dc.contributor Menzies Inst Med Res
dc.contributor Sydney Inst Marine Sci
dc.contributor Flinders University South Australia
dc.contributor Sch Biol Sci
dc.contributor Menzies Institute For Medical Research
dc.contributor Integrated Marine Observing Syst
dc.contributor Macquarie University
dc.contributor New South Wales Dept Primary Ind
dc.contributor Coll Marine & Environm Sci
dc.contributor University Of Tasmania
dc.contributor Australian Inst Marine Sci
dc.contributor Csiro
dc.contributor Flinders Univ S Australia
dc.contributor Macquarie Univ
dc.contributor Ctr Sustainable Trop Fisheries & Aquaculture HARCOURT, ROBERT STECKENREUTER, ANDRE HOENNER, XAVIER HUVENEERS, CHARLIE SIMPFENDORFER, COLIN BUSCOT, MARIE J. TATTERSALL, KATHERINE BABCOCK, RUSSELL HEUPEL, MICHELLE MEEKAN, MARK VAN DEN BROEK, JAMES MCDOWALL, PHILLIP PEDDEMORS, VIC 2017-11-05T19:00:28Z 2017-11-05T19:00:28Z 2018-11-01T03:05:31Z 2017-11-05T19:00:28Z 2017-11-05T19:00:28Z 2018-11-01T03:05:31Z 2017-01-01
dc.identifier.citation Steckenreuter A, Hoenner X, Huveneers C, Simpfendorfer C, Buscot MJ, Tattersall K, Babcock R, Heupel M, Meekan M, van den Broek J, McDowall P, Peddemors V, Harcourt R (2017) Optimising the design of large-scale acoustic telemetry curtains. Marine and Freshwater Research 68(8): 1403-1413
dc.identifier.issn 1323-1650
dc.description.abstract Broad-scale acoustic telemetry networks are being established worldwide. The 10-year anniversary of the Integrated Marine Observing System's Animal Tracking Facility provided the opportunity to assess the efficiency of one of the first national-scale acoustic telemetry networks. Acoustic networks are comprised of acoustic receiver arrays that detect high-frequency transmitters attached to animals that pass within detection range. Herein we assessed the efficiency of eight curtains to detect passing animals by calculating the standardised mean number of detections and transmitters detected at each station. The aim was to determine how many receivers could be decommissioned from each curtain while maintaining its integrity (i.e. detection of all species passing the array). Pivotal locations were defined as the furthest station at which all species would still be detected and where at least 75% of the detections and transmitters would still be detected. By applying these criteria, we were able to improve the cost-effectiveness of our network significantly, reducing the number of stations from 132 to 85 (64% of the original network), yet still retaining 84% of total detections, 86% of transmitters and 100% of detected species. The present study provides a useful framework for refining acoustic telemetry networks.
dc.description.sponsorship This analysis was conducted under the auspices of the IMOS Animal Tracking Facility's Scientific Committee. This facility is part of the Integrated Marine Observing System supported by the Australian Government through the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy and the Super Science Initiative.
dc.language English
dc.subject Animal Tracking
dc.subject Acoustic Tracking
dc.subject Detection Efficiency
dc.subject Limnology
dc.subject Marine & Freshwater Biology
dc.subject Oceanography
dc.subject Acoustic Network
dc.subject Tracking
dc.subject Sharks
dc.subject Fisheries
dc.subject Integrated Marine Observing System (imos)
dc.subject Vemco
dc.subject Migration
dc.title Optimising the design of large-scale acoustic telemetry curtains
dc.type journal article
dc.identifier.doi 10.1071/MF16126
dc.identifier.wos WOS:000406489100002

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