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Effects of terrestrial runoff on the ecology of corals and coral reefs: review and synthesis

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dc.contributor Australian Institute Of Marine Science
dc.contributor Crc Reef
dc.contributor Australian Inst Marine Sci
dc.contributor Australian Institute Of Marine Science (aims) en FABRICIUS, KE 2017-03-21T00:48:57Z 2017-03-21T00:48:57Z 2013-02-28T06:42:05Z 2019-07-08T02:09:56Z 2013-02-28T06:42:05Z 2017-03-21T00:48:57Z 2017-03-21T00:48:57Z 2019-07-08T02:09:56Z 2005-02-01
dc.identifier 6838 en
dc.identifier.citation Fabricius KE (2005) Effects of terrestrial runoff on the ecology of corals and coral reefs: review and synthesis. Marine Pollution Bulletin. 50: 125-146. en
dc.identifier.issn 0025-326X
dc.description Link to abstract/full text - en
dc.description.abstract This paper reviews and evaluates the current state of knowledge on the direct effects of terrestrial runoff on (1) the growth and survival of hard coral colonies, (2) coral reproduction and recruitment, and (3) organisms that interact with coral populations (coralline algae, bioeroders, macroalgae and heterotrophic filter feeders as space competitors, pathogens, and coral predators). The responses of each of these groups are evaluated separately against the four main water quality parameters: (1) increased dissolved inorganic nutrients, (2) enrichment with particulate organic matter, (3) light reduction from turbidity and (4) increased sedimentation. This separation facilitates disentangling and understanding the mechanisms leading to changes in the field, where many contaminants and many responses co-occur. The review also summarises geographic and biological factors that determine local and regional levels of resistance and resilience to degradation. It provides a conceptual aid to assess the kind of change(s) likely to occur in response to changing coastal water quality. Crown Copyright (c) 2004 Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
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dc.language English
dc.language en en
dc.relation.ispartof Null
dc.relation.ispartof Marine Pollution Bulletin - pages: 50: 125-146 en
dc.subject Great-barrier-reef
dc.subject Sedimentation
dc.subject Building Corals
dc.subject Fringing Reefs
dc.subject Acanthaster-planci L
dc.subject Coral Reef
dc.subject Calcification
dc.subject Particulate Matter
dc.subject Environmental Sciences & Ecology
dc.subject Environmental Sciences
dc.subject Pocillopora-damicornis
dc.subject Marine & Freshwater Biology
dc.subject Australian Scleractinian Corals
dc.subject Nutrient Enrichment
dc.subject Recruitment
dc.subject Sediment-rejection
dc.subject Particulate Organic Matter
dc.subject Competition
dc.subject Nutrients
dc.subject Stylophora-pistillata
dc.subject Turbidity
dc.title Effects of terrestrial runoff on the ecology of corals and coral reefs: review and synthesis
dc.type journal article en
dc.identifier.doi 10.1016/j.marpolbul.2004.11.028
dc.identifier.wos WOS:000227762000014

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