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High-resolution palaeoclimatology of the last millennium: a review of current status and future prospects

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dc.contributor Swiss Federal Institute For Forest, Snow & Landscape Research
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dc.contributor University Of Bergen
dc.contributor Univ Edinburgh
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dc.contributor Sch Geosci
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dc.contributor Univ Bergen
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dc.contributor Div Climate Res
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dc.contributor Bjerknes Ctr Climate Res
dc.contributor Sch Environm Sci
dc.contributor Nasa
dc.contributor University System Of Georgia
dc.contributor Australian Institute Of Marine Science (aims) en AMMANN, C. M. GOOSSE, H. GRAHAM, N. KIEFER, T. KUETTEL, M. MOSLEY-THOMPSON, E. RIEDWYL, N. TUDHOPE, A. W. VILLALBA, R. WOLFF, E. XOPLAKI, E. BRIFFA, K. R. VAN OMMEN, T. D. WAHL, E. R. MANN, M. E. BUCKLEY, B. M. ESPER, J. JANSEN, E. KULL, C. OVERPECK, J. T. SCHULZ, M. WANNER, H. COBB, K. M. JONES, P. D. OSBORN, T. J. LOUGH, J. M. VINTHER, B. M. LUTERBACHER, J. ZWIERS, F. W. SCHMIDT, G. A. 2017-03-21T01:24:51Z 2013-02-28T06:51:55Z 2013-02-28T06:51:55Z 2019-07-08T02:19:24Z 2013-02-28T06:51:55Z 2013-02-28T06:51:55Z 2017-03-21T01:24:51Z 2019-07-08T02:19:24Z 2009-02-01
dc.identifier 7745 en
dc.identifier.citation Jones PD, Briffa KR, Osborn TJ, Lough JM and et al null (2009) High-resolution paleoclimatology of the last millennium: a review of current status and future prospects. The Holocene. 19: 3-49. en
dc.identifier.issn 0959-6836
dc.description Link to abstract/full text - en
dc.description.abstract This review of late-Holocene palaeoclimatology represents the results from a PAGES/CLIVAR Intersection Panel meeting that took place in June 2006. The review is in three parts: the principal high-resolution proxy disciplines (trees, corals, ice cores and documentary evidence), emphasizing current issues in their e for climate reconstruction; the various approaches that have been adopted to combine multiple climate us proxy records to provide estimates of past annual-to-decadal timescale Northern Hemisphere surface temperatures and other climate variables, such as large-scale circulation indices; and the forcing histories used in climate model simulations of the past millennium. We discuss the need to develop a framework through which current and new approaches to interpreting these proxy data may be rigorously assessed using pseudo-proxies derived from climate model runs, where the 'answer' is known. The article concludes with a list of recommendations. First, more raw proxy data are required from the diverse disciplines and from more locations, as well as replication, for all proxy sources, of the basic raw measurements to improve absolute dating, and to better distinguish the proxy climate signal from noise. Second, more effort is required to improve the understanding of what individual proxies respond to, supported by more site measurements and process studies. These activities should also be mindful of the correlation structure of instrumental data, indicating which adjacent proxy records ought to be in agreement and which not. Third, large-scale climate reconstructions should be attempted using a wide variety of techniques, emphasizing those for which quantified errors can be estimated at specified timescales. Fourth, a greater use of climate model simulations is needed to guide the choice of reconstruction techniques (the pseudo-proxy concept) and possibly help determine where, given limited resources, future sampling should be concentrated.
dc.description.sponsorship The workshop that was the genesis of this paper, entitled 'Past Millennia Climate Variability - Synthesis and Outlook' was held in Wengen, Switzerland from 7 to 10 June 2006 and was organized by the international joint PAGES (Past Global Changes)/CLIVAR (Climate Variability and Predictability) intersection working group in concert with the PAGES office in Bern, Switzerland. The workshop, which was funded by EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute), PAGES, the Swiss NCCR-Climate Programme and CLIVAR, represented the continued efforts of the international PAGES/CLIVAR intersection to identify the key priority areas for future international collaborative research to advance understanding of the nature of natural climate variability and the extent to which human activities are causing change. The authors thank Henry Diaz, Frank Oldfield and an anonymous reviewer for thorough reviews. PDJ has been supported by the Office of Science (BER), US Department of Energy, Grant No. DE-FG0298ER62601). KRB and TJO also acknowledge funding from UK Natural Environment Research Council (NER/T/S/2002/00440). JE acknowledges funding from EC project Millennium (Grant No. 017008). TDvO acknowledges the support of the Australian Government's Cooperative Research Centres Programme, through the Antarctic Ecosystems and Climate CRC. HG is a research associate with Fonds National de la Recherche Scientific, Belgium. MEM acknowledges support from the US National Science Foundation (Grant No. 0542356). ERW acknowledges support for new research included in this paper from the National Center for Atmospheric Research (funded by the National Science Foundation) and Alfred University, USA.
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dc.language English
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dc.relation.ispartof The Holocene - pages: 19: 3-49 en
dc.subject Proxy-based Reconstructions
dc.subject Tree Rings
dc.subject Tree-ring-width
dc.subject Geology
dc.subject Climate Field Reconstruction
dc.subject Physical Geography
dc.subject Time Series
dc.subject Speleothems
dc.subject Medieval Warm Period
dc.subject Cfr
dc.subject Palaeoclimatology
dc.subject General-circulation Model
dc.subject Coral-based Reconstruction
dc.subject Dendroclimatology
dc.subject Geosciences, Multidisciplinary
dc.subject Late-holocene Climate
dc.subject High-resolution
dc.subject Climate Forcing
dc.subject Pseudo-proxy Approach
dc.subject Stable-isotope Records
dc.subject Uncertainty
dc.subject Corals
dc.subject Ice-cores
dc.subject Varves
dc.subject Last Millennium
dc.subject Chronology
dc.subject North-atlantic Oscillation
dc.subject Composite Plus Scaling
dc.subject Documentary Evidence
dc.subject Cps
dc.subject Instrumental Records
dc.subject Geography, Physical
dc.subject Intertropical Convergence Zone
dc.subject Sea-surface Temperature
dc.subject Borehole Temperature
dc.subject Marine Sediments
dc.title High-resolution palaeoclimatology of the last millennium: a review of current status and future prospects
dc.type journal article en
dc.identifier.doi 10.1177/0959683608098952
dc.identifier.wos WOS:000262812600001

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