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Coral-virus interactions: A double-edged sword?

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dc.contributor Soest
dc.contributor University Of Hawaii System
dc.contributor Hawaii Inst Marine Biol
dc.contributor Australian Inst Marine Sci
dc.contributor Univ Hawaii
dc.contributor Australian Institute Of Marine Science
dc.contributor Australian Institute Of Marine Science (aims) en GATES, RUTH D. VAN OPPEN, MADELEINE J. H. LEONG, JO-ANN 2017-03-21T01:17:52Z 2017-03-21T01:17:52Z 2013-02-28T06:50:38Z 2019-07-08T02:17:13Z 2013-02-28T06:50:38Z 2013-02-28T06:50:38Z 2017-03-21T01:17:52Z 2019-07-08T02:17:13Z 2009-01-01
dc.identifier 7821 en
dc.identifier.citation van Oppen MJH, Leong J and Gates RD (2009) Coral-virus interactions: A double-edged sword?. Symbiosis. 47: 1-8. en
dc.identifier.issn 0334-5114
dc.description.abstract Marine viruses were little studied until 1989, when they were discovered to be extremely abundant in the sea. Virology is now a growing field of science in coral reef research, largely related to an increase in the frequency of coral bleaching events and other coral diseases. Because viruses are obligate symbionts, they are generally perceived as parasitic and harmful to their hosts. However, evidence that viruses confer benefits to their hosts is growing and their role as mutualists is emerging. Here we review both the detrimental and beneficial aspects of viral infections and argue that as the field of coral virology expands, in addition to their pathogenicity, the idea that viruses represent functionally beneficial components of the coral holobiont be considered.
dc.language English
dc.language en en
dc.relation.ispartof Symbiosis - pages: 47: 1-8 en
dc.relation.ispartof Null
dc.subject Reef
dc.subject Mutualism
dc.subject Parasitism
dc.subject Diversity
dc.subject Microbiology
dc.subject Viral-infection
dc.subject Heterotrophic Bacteria
dc.subject Climate-change
dc.subject Particles
dc.subject Symbiosis
dc.subject Hydra-viridis
dc.subject Plant
dc.subject Scleractinia
dc.subject Yellow Dwarf Virus
dc.subject Coral Bleaching
dc.title Coral-virus interactions: A double-edged sword?
dc.type journal article en
dc.identifier.wos WOS:000264431200001

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