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Novel reference transcriptomes for the sponges Carteriospongia foliascens and Cliona orientalis and associated algal symbiont Gerakladium endoclionum

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dc.contributor Dept Biol
dc.contributor Australian Institute Of Marine Science
dc.contributor Univ Southern Denmark
dc.contributor Australian Ctr Ecogen
dc.contributor Australian Inst Marine Sci
dc.contributor University Of Southern California
dc.contributor University Of Queensland
dc.contributor Oceans Inst
dc.contributor Univ Queensland
dc.contributor Dept Biol Sci
dc.contributor University Of Southern Denmark
dc.contributor Univ Western Australia
dc.contributor University Of Western Australia
dc.contributor Sch Biol Sci
dc.contributor Univ Southern Calif
dc.contributor Sch Chem & Mol Biosci
dc.contributor Sch Agr & Environm
dc.contributor Ctr Microscopy Characterisat & Anal
dc.contributor Western Australian Marine Sci Inst WEBSTER, NICOLE S. STREHLOW, BRIAN W. PINEDA, MARI-CARMEN KENKEL, CARLY D. LAFFY, PATRICK DUCKWORTH, ALAN RENTON, MICHAEL CLODE, PETA L. 2020-12-06T19:05:27Z 2020-12-06T19:05:27Z 2020-12-15T22:32:18Z 2020-12-06T19:05:27Z 2020-12-06T19:05:27Z 2020-12-15T22:32:18Z 2020-11-20
dc.identifier.citation Strehlow BW, Pineda MC, Kenkel CD, Laffy P, Duckworth A, Renton M, Clode PL, Webster NS (2020) Novel reference transcriptomes for the sponges Carteriospongia foliascens and Cliona orientalis and associated algal symbiont Gerakladium endoclionum. Coral Reefs
dc.identifier.issn 0722-4028
dc.description.abstract Sponge transcriptomes are important resources for studying the stress responses of these ecologically important filter feeders, the interactions between sponges and their symbionts, and the evolutionary history of metazoans. Here, we generated reference transcriptomes for two common and cosmopolitan Indo-Pacific sponge species: Carteriospongia foliascens and Cliona orientalis. We also created a reference transcriptome for the primary symbiont of C. orientalis-Gerakladium endoclionum. Assemblies for C. foliascens, C. orientalis, and G. endoclionum contained 67,304, 82,895, and 28,670 contigs, respectively. Contigs represented 15,248-37,344 isogroups (similar to genes) per assembly, and N50s ranged from 1672-4355 bp. Sponge transcriptomes were high in completeness and quality, with an average of 93% of core EuKaryotic Orthologous Groups (KOGs) and 98% of single-copy metazoan core gene orthologs identified. The G. endoclionum assembly was partial with 56% of core KOGs and 32% of single-copy eukaryotic core gene orthologs identified. These reference transcriptomes provide a valuable resource for future research assessing sponge stress responses.
dc.description.sponsorship This research was funded by the Western Australian Marine Science Institution (WAMSI) as part of the WAMSI Dredging Science Node and made possible through investment from Chevron Australia, Woodside Energy Limited, BHP Billiton as environmental offsets and by co-investment from the WAMSI Joint Venture partners. The views expressed herein are those of the authors and not necessarily those of WAMSI. Brian W. Strehlow was supported by a University of Western Australia (UWA) Scholarship for International Research Fees, University International Stipend, and UWA Safety-Net Top-Up Scholarships. Brian W. Strehlow was further supported by the Villum Investigator Grant awarded to Don Canfield (No. 16518). The funders had no role in study design, data collection, and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript. The authors are grateful to E. Botte and G. Millar for their assistance with computing issues. They also thank the staff at the AIMS National Sea Simulator for their expertise and assistance in the tank-based experiments. The authors acknowledge the Manburra People, as the Traditional Owners of the sea country where this work took place. We pay our respects to their elders' past, present and emerging, and we acknowledge their continuing spiritual connection to their sea country.
dc.language English
dc.subject Gene-expression
dc.subject Transcriptome
dc.subject Carteriospongia Foliascens
dc.subject Sponge
dc.subject Rna
dc.subject Cliona Orientalis
dc.subject Marine & Freshwater Biology
dc.subject Porifera
dc.subject Gerakladium Endoclionum
dc.title Novel reference transcriptomes for the sponges Carteriospongia foliascens and Cliona orientalis and associated algal symbiont Gerakladium endoclionum
dc.type journal article
dc.identifier.doi 10.1007/s00338-020-02028-z
dc.identifier.wos WOS:000591090300001

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